How to Help


Please pray for the Orphanage!

  1. the orphanage will raise enough money for land and its own buildings,
  2. all of the kids at the orphanage will be happy and healthy, receive a good education, and come to a saving knowledge of the gospel,
  3. the orphanage will be able to find more staff members whose desire is to serve the Lord and His children,
  4. Matthew and Lee will get enough sleep and care from others,
  5. God will raise up more donors,
  6. His Dwelling Christian Church in Cebu City will grow spiritually and that God would fulfill all of their needs,
  7. the orphanage will find a good doctor and dentist,
  8. Matthew and Lee will find out what is wrong with all of the kids with stomach issues, specifically Jasmine (age 9) and Jessalyn (age 11), and that
  9. God will meet all of the spiritual and physical needs that arise in the coming years.

If you have any creative ideas of how you can help the orphanage or are interested in volunteering at the orphanage, please contact