What is this website?

The purpose of missionstreetkids.org is to chronicle my five week experience serving at Street Kids Philippine Missions in order to raise awareness about the mission’s needs, the overall state of child poverty in the Philippines, and the work that is being done by God’s grace to combat the desperate poverty and loneliness thousands of children in the Philippines experience every day.

Throughout June and July 2011, I will be continuously posting News from my travels, detailing everything from unusual cultural experiences to the mission’s self-sacrificing relief work. Many of these stories will link to photos in my Gallery.

I will also periodically post Facts I learn about poverty in the Philippines and update a page detailing How to Help. As I learn and experience more about the culture of the Philippines, each of these categories will fill up with stories and information that I hope will provide you with a clearer picture of life for these children and how you may be able to pray, give, and/or volunteer to help them.